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Pebble Beach Weather & Climate

The mild climate of the Monterey Peninsula ensures the highs are never too high and the lows are never too low in Pebble Beach, California. The summer months are usually accentuated with a morning fog, which has a cooling effect on the day. Afternoons are frequently balmy. It is best to dress in layers and carry a water-resistant wind shirt or jacket. Note that it rarely rains between April and October.

Monthly temperatures for Pebble Beach, California

For details on average monthly temperatures, refer to the graph provided below.*

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precip. Record High Record Low
Jan 60°F 43°F 4.19 in. 84°F 22°F
Feb 61°F 45°F 3.75 in. 86°F 26°F
Mar 62°F 46°F 3.53 in. 85°F 32°F
April 64°F 47°F 1.48 in. 93°F 35°F
May 65°F 48°F 0.50 in. 95°F 38°F
June 67°F 50°F 0.20 in. 101°F 42°F
July 68°F 52°F 0.09 in. 98°F 43°F
Aug 70°F 53°F 0.11 in. 96°F 45°F
Sep 71°F 53°F 0.28 in. 101°F 43°F
Oct 70°F 51°F 1.06 in. 104°F 35°F
Nov 64°F 47°F 2.43 in. 95°F 35°F
Dec 60°F 43°F 2.73 in. 89°F 20°F

*Source:  The Weather Channel