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Training Programs

Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility

Pebble Beach Golf Academy offers a series of training programs designed for a golfer who is resolute in advancing his or her game to the next level.

The Basics

If you’re a recreational player who is looking to make some improvements to your game—but don’t have the time to invest in a total overhaul—then The Basics training program at Pebble Beach Golf Academy is the program for you. We’ll reinforce the proper fundamentals of your golf game and provide you with a sound understanding of basic mechanical concepts.

4 weeks
Price $1,680

Hitting It Farther

Want to learn how to develop more club head speed and ball speed? Then The Hitting It Farther training program at Pebble Beach Golf Academy is perfect for you! Our unique baseline testing process will evaluate all the factors associated with generating speed in the golf swing. This includes physical capacity, golf-specific mobility, equipment profiling, kinematic sequence and technical efficiency, as well as time on the innovative Robotic Swing Trainer.

4 weeks
Price $2,805

Putting Master

The Putting Master program at Pebble Beach Golf Academy features a concise, effective review of your putting and green-reading skills, and also includes a putter fitting.

4 weeks
Price $2,995

Wedge Guru

If you want to become a more efficient scorer around the greens, then enroll in the Wedge Guru training program at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy. It kicks off with our unique baseline-testing program designed to evaluate your short game efficiency. Results of your testing process will be used to determine a practice strategy and a focus on the athletic and technical skills that require the most attention.

4 weeks
Price $2,995

Depending on the program you choose, your time at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy will be divided into the following key components:


For information and reservations please call Pebble Beach Golf Academy (831) 622-8650.