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The Zagat Survey U.S. Family Travel Guide rated the Monterey Bay Aquarium as the nation’s No. 1 aquarium. With a 28-foot aquarium, 15 species of seahorses and over 45 interactive exhibits in English and Spanish, it’s easy to see why.

A trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium allows you to experience ocean-life like never before. You’ll go nose-to-nose with a giant Pacific octopus, a leopard shark or a playful sea otter. Join one of the Aquarium’s Daily Activities and watch aquarists feed penguins and sea otters. For an insider’s look, check out the Aquarium Adventures Programs.

Pebble Beach Resorts offers hotel guests two-day Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets for the price of one-day. Inquire upon arrival at the concierge desk.

Giant Pacific Octopus

These two 11-pound octopuses are often described as the ultimate masters of disguise. The brainy marine sea creatures are often seen playing with aquarists, and they can even open jars to uncover hidden treats inside.

Kelp Forest

As the world’s tallest aquarium exhibit, you can only imagine the types of fish that live in this underwater forest. Holding approximately 333,000 gallons of water, the Kelp Forest is home to the Pacific sardine, leopard shark, California sheephead and close to 80 species of seaweeds.

Rocky Shore

When the tide washes out, the rocky shore becomes a site of exciting exploration. Learn about various tidal pool creatures with the Rocky Shore gallery and the Touch Pool, and feel the power of waves as you walk through an acrylic tunnel.

Life on the Bay

Get front-row tickets and discover wildlife from the edge of Monterey Bay. The Aquarium offers many great vantage points to watch the marine animals that dominate the Pacific Ocean such as sea otters, humpback whales, dolphins and much more.

Mission to the Deep

Ever wonder what lies deep on the ocean floor? High-tech tools including high-definition video and underwater robots will give you close at some of the deep-sea animals. The exhibit is also part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Monterey Bay Habitats

Sharks. They might be the most feared predator in the sea-world and they are definitely the most fascinating. Stop by the hourglass-shaped exhibit and learn everything you need to know about the white sturgeon and the Broadnose sevengill shark.

Open Sea

The largest exhibit at the Aquarium offers you an incredible opportunity to see a scalloped hammerhead shark, a pelagic ray and moon jellies up close. The Open Sea exhibit is so large it can be viewed from three levels.

Sandy Shore & Aviary

Explore life in Elkhorn Slough, one of the largest coastal wetlands in the state of California. Discover the wetland’s hidden treasures and animals, from foraging sandpipers to bat rays skimming along the sandy seafloor.

Splash Zone & Penguins

With over 45 interactive exhibits—both in English and Spanish—you can visit a coral reef kingdom, dive into a kelp forest or explore a rocky shore. (Want to get a sneak peak? Be sure to check out the Penguin Cam!)

Tentacles: The Astounding Lives of Octopuses, Squid & Cuttlefishes

Journey to a world of undersea magicians, masters of disguise and quick-change artists! Our special exhibition is the largest, most diverse exhibit ever created to showcase these amazing animals.

¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge

The slithery. The scaly. The spectacularly showy. Discover the region’s unique animals from both land and sea in this special exhibition featuring creatures from the coastal habitats of Baja California.

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