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Did You Know?

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Group of lawn mowers on the course

So how exactly do you pull off hosting a U.S. Open at Pebble Beach? Here are a few fun facts to help you appreciate the magnitude of the week:

  • 6,500 volunteers work the week
  • 175 courtesy cars are provided for competitors by Lexus and Toyota
  • Approximately 1,500 media teams from 25 countries are at Pebble Beach to report on the Open
  • 57 mowers and trimmers are used to prepare the course each day
  • 4,400 tons of bunker sand will be used
  • Food and beverage consumption looks something like this: 95,000 hot dogs, 30,000 hamburgers, 30,000 chicken breasts, 130,000 buns, 200,000 prawns, 850 pounds of smoked salmon, 55,000 pounds of beef and 180,000 servings of beer!

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