Our Mission

Provide educational opportunities and a brighter future for all Monterey County youth.

Our Vision

Education changes lives. We are committed to funding quality educational programs and awarding scholarships and financial aid to benefit Monterey County youth, from pre-kindergarten to post-graduate levels. These funds provide access to opportunities and experiences that deepen, broaden and expand their world.

Who We Are and What We Do

In 1975, the Pebble Beach Company Foundation was born with a mission to provide our county’s youth with the building blocks of success, starting with literacy and education.

In the four decades since our inception, the Foundation has sought meaningful ways to support programs that focus on the educational needs of our community’s youth. We have done so by providing grants to the region’s best youth-focused nonprofits who are committed to providing a brighter future for all Monterey County youth, especially those with the fewest resources. To date, the Foundation has reached tens of thousands of children and granted more than $11 million in financial support.

Who We Fund

Community Grants

Through our Community Grants, we are working with Monterey County’s best youth-focused nonprofits. The grants support a variety of organizations in seven different categories — Early Childhood & Kindergarten Readiness, Literacy, Music & The Arts, Youth Development, Social, Emotional & Youth Mental Wellness, College, Career & Scholarships, and Physical Education & Sports.

Scholarship Academy

The Scholarship Academy is the signature program of the Pebble Beach Company Foundation. It provides broad-based educational assistance through scholarships and financial aid and focuses on two areas — Community Scholarships and Company Scholarships for children of Pebble Beach Company employees.

Pebble Beach Company Foundation Board of Directors

  • Hubert Allen
  • Teddy Balestreri
  • Mercedes De Luca
  • Dan Green
  • Maggie Hardy
  • Judah Matthews
  • Susan Merfeld
  • Courtney Nantz
  • Nanci Perocchi
  • John Sawin
  • Robert Skinner

Friends of the Pebble Beach Company Foundation

Friends of the Pebble Beach Company Foundation work in conjunction with the Board of Directors to support and advance the mission of youth education in Monterey County. Our efforts are greatly enhanced by the talent and commitment of these generous individuals.

  • Deb Aitchison
  • Julie Bullas
  • Janine Chicourrat
  • Gloria Ford
  • Patrick Freeman
  • Micah Hawbaker
  • Wendy Heilmann
  • Miranda Jackson
  • Rich Pepe
  • Christine Perocchi
  • Cassie Peters
  • Barry Peterson
  • Judith Ann Raible
  • Lee Ann Seber Holm
  • Woody Salkin
  • Barbara Simmons
  • Jean Stivers
  • Diane Stracuzzi
  • Jeffrey Wallace

Pebble Beach Company Foundation: Investing in the Future

Pebble Beach Company Foundation

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Contact & Information

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