Senior Leadership Team

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Pebble Beach Company Senior Leadership Team

The Pebble Beach Company Senior Leadership Team is dedicated to maintaining the heritage of Pebble Beach Resorts. Our most important job is to uphold the traditions and exemplary service for which Pebble Beach Resorts is cherished.

Bill Perocchi

Chief Executive Officer
(831) 622-6450

David Heuck

EVP & Chief Financial Officer
(831) 649-2756

RJ Harper

EVP, Golf & Retail
(831) 625-8568

Susan Merfeld

SVP, Community Affairs
(831) 649-7651

Kathleen Johnsen

VP, Human Resources
(831) 649-7655

Julie Weaver

General Manager
The Lodge and Casa Palmero
(831) 622-6651

Lara Davidson

Director, The Spa
(831) 622-6430

Cody Plott

President & Chief
Operating Officer
(831) 625-8534

David Stivers

EVP & Chief Administrative Officer
(831) 622-6453

Mark Stilwell

EVP, Real Estate
(831) 625-8449

Tim Ryan

VP, Global Business Development
(831) 647-7406

Dominic Van Nes

VP, Information Services
(831) 622-8661

Rod Schinnerer

Vice President
and General Manager
The Inn at Spanish Bay
(831) 647-7474

Diane Goldman

Associate General Counsel
(831) 625-8468

Paul Spengler

Executive Vice President
(831) 625-8582

Steve Aitchison

SVP, Capital Services
(831) 625-8454

Judah Matthews

VP, Controller
(831) 622-6431

Shawn Casey

VP, Resource Management
(831) 625-8435

Don Tkachenko

Director of Security
(831) 647-7411

Kevin Kakalow

Director of Retail
(831) 658-2637

Jeff Wallace

VP of Operations
(831) 625-8558