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A True Test of Golf

One of the most respected and revered courses in the world begins with one of the greatest opening stretches in golf: five spectacular sand-splashed holes that cruise up and down a sea of dunes while showcasing sublime oceanfront scenery and shots you’ve surely never seen.

But the defining characteristic of Spyglass Hill is how starkly the first five holes juxtapose the rest of the round. Incredible ocean views give way to the understated natural beauty of the Del Monte Forest, as the final 13 holes relentlessly examine your game with a litany of bunkers, ponds and uphill tests. Pine Valley-by-the-Sea meets Augusta National, as Sports Illustrated eloquently described it.

When the Robert Trent Jones, Sr., design hosted medal play during the 1999 U.S. Amateur, no player in the field was able to break 70, and the setup maxed out at a slope of 155. Bing Crosby famously bet that Jack Nicklaus wouldn’t be able to break par at Spyglass Hill the year it opened in 1966. Nicklaus shot a 2-under 70 in his first round, but Spyglass Hill has been a demanding, yet fair test for pros and guests alike ever since.

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#11 America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses


  • Holes: 18
  • Par: 72
  • Rating: 75.5
  • Yardage: 6,960


  • Robert Trent Jones, Sr.
Par 5
595 yds
Treasure Island
On a clear day, you can stand on this tee and see the Santa Cruz mountains, Monterey Bay and the canopy of the Del Monte Forest. The hole then falls downhill to the left, ending on a large green whose surface resembles gentle ocean swells.
Par 4
349 yds
Billy Bones
While relatively short, the hole plays uphill and is surrounded by trouble, primarily sand and ice plant. Two very precise shots are required.
Par 3
172 yds
The Black Spot
There is a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from this elevated tee that, in the absence of wind, makes the hole play shorter than the yardage. The green is deceptive, sloping from front to back.
Par 4
370 yds
Blind Pew
This is Robert Trent Jones Sr.'s favorite par-4 because of its options. If the pin is in back, the approach should be played from the right side of the fairway. If in front, the left side is the better angle. The green is Spyglass Hill's most photographed.
Par 3
197 yds
Bird Rock
This hole is a straightforward par-3 framed by dunes in back and three pot bunkers in front. The center bunker is the deepest and most difficult on the course. Another bunker is hidden from view and awaits stray shots to the right.
Par 4
446 yds
Israel Hands
The character of Spyglass Hill changes from this hole onward. From the tee, players wind their way up and into the Del Monte Forest. The view from behind this green is spectacular; however, the severely downhill chip shot from this position is less than desirable.
Par 5
529 yds
Indian Village
An elevated tee makes this a reachable par-5. While there are no greenside bunkers, a pond penalizes anything left and short. The right-to-left sloping green makes chip and pitch even more troublesome. This is a tempting hole off the tee, but it requires complete precision from the fairway.
Par 4
399 yds
Signal Hill
Perhaps the longest hole under 400 yards in the world. The second shot is even more uphill than the tee shot. The green is elevated and crowned with the hole's only bunker protecting its right side. This is the number one handicap hole.
Par 4
431 yds
Captain Smollett
Yet another uphill par-4, this hole offers a massive green (the second largest on the course) that is guarded by deep bunkers. Tremendous slope from back to front makes putting from above the hole a challenge.
Par 4
407 yds
Captain Flint
After two tough, lengthy uphill par-4's to close the front, this is a downhill getaway hole to begin the back side. A drive down the left side may be blocked by a tree, which cannot be seen from the tee. Any approach that lands past the center of the green will go over.
Par 5
528 yds
Admiral Benbow
A dogleg-right par-5 is characterized by a necklace of bunkers protecting the right side of the green. While beautiful to look at from a distance, these bunkers are very costly to play from.
Par 3
178 yds
Skeleton Island
Water comes into play on three of the next four holes. The left side of this green should never be a target since balls have a tendency to spin off into the pond.
Par 4
460 yds
Tom Morgan
The fairway rises steadily uphill as it bends slightly to the left. Another elevated green deflects any off-line shot although a straight run-up shot will work.
Par 5
560 yds
Long John Silver
This is a double dogleg swinging right then left. A pond protects the right side of this shallow but very wide green. A difficult chip awaits those who are too aggressive and go long.
Par 3
130 yds
Jim Hawkins
This is the shortest hole on the course yet far from the easiest. The green is framed by bunkers in back and another pond in front. Beware, balls spin back into it. Anything left bounces farther down a steep hill.
Par 4
476 yds
Black Dog
A drive too long may run through this fairway. A tree, which cannot be seen from the tee, blocks the right side. However, when past this tree, the green opens up, so it may be worth the gamble. Then again...
Par 4
325 yds
Ben Gunn
This hole offers a change of pace and is unlike any other hole at Spyglass Hill. The landing area can't be seen from the tee and the green surface can't be seen from the fairway. The hole's many bunkers and its sloping green offset the short yardage. Above the cup is treacherous.
Par 4
408 yds
The tee points toward the right fairway bunker, so a slight draw is perfect. An elevated green with a rise separating the front from the back awaits the second shot. Any shot that lacks precision will be detoured into the surrounding trouble.
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A Treasured Course

Spyglass Hill Golf Course has ranked among the Top 100 courses in America for more than four decades.

  • Novel Inspiration

    The name Spyglass Hill takes its inspiration from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, Treasure Island.

    Course History
  • What They're Saying About Spyglass Hill

    "I love this track a lot."

    - Jordan Spieth
    2017 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Champion

  • What They're Saying About Spyglass Hill

    "It might be blasphemy to say this, but Spyglass is right there with Pebble as far as strategic value. It’s awesome."

    - Arron Oberholser
    2006 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Champion

  • What They're Saying About Spyglass Hill

    "If it were human, Spyglass would have a knife in its teeth, a patch on its eye, a ring in its ear, tobacco in its beard and a blunderbuss in its hand."

    - Jim Murray
    Hall of Fame Sportswriter

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