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Health & Sanitization Program

We have developed comprehensive new health and sanitization practices resort-wide that we are putting in place prior to reopening. These practices reflect guidance from leading healthcare experts, the Monterey County Health Department and published industry guidelines. There’s nothing more important than the health and safety of our guests, employees and community and we are happy to share these new practices openly, with all.

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Health & Distancing Guidelines for Our Golf Courses

We’ve introduced measures and guidelines at our golf courses to protect the health of our guests and employees. These measures align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “social distancing” and sanitation practices and help our golf courses to operate safely. All golfers must familiarize themselves with these guidelines and adhere to all health and safety practices during their visit.

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Know Before Your Round

Golf Reservations

The clubhouse, pro shops, retail stores, and locker rooms are open. Golfers will pay in the pro shop (no cash) before teeing off, following proper social distancing and sanitization protocols.

Clubs & Rentals

Golfers must bring their own clubs, as no rental sets are available. In addition, guests are responsible for transporting their own clubs at all times. Shuttle service is available between the Pebble Beach Pro Shop and Practice Facility.

Driving Ranges

The driving ranges and practice greens are open for members and guests. Each hitting station is set up 6 feet apart, and the practice balls are sanitized every day. In addition, all common touch points such as club washing bins and towels, den caddies, shag bags, and bunker rakes have been removed. The Golf Academy is open and available for instruction so long as social distancing protocols are observed.


Golfers check in at the pro shop and will also be greeted at the first tee by a starter, who will remind each golfer on the importance of proper social distancing throughout the round.

Face Coverings

Golfers will be provided a mask if they did not bring one and reminded of the rules to comply with Monterey County’s Face Covering Order. Hand sanitizer and disposable wipes are also readily available.

Caddies & Golf Carts

Golfers may: (a) walk and carry their own clubs, (b) take a golf cart with a limit of one person per cart (except household members), or (c) bring their own push cart. In addition, a limited number of push carts are available to rent, based on availability. Traditional forecaddie service (advice only; no bag carrying, club handling, or cart driving) is also available at our Resort courses. Golfers will be asked their intentions at time of booking.

All golf carts will be sanitized both before and after use.

Non-Playing Guests

Non-playing guests are allowed to walk along with golfers or share a cart provided they are from the same household. Individual carts are not available to non-playing guests.

During Your Round


Golfers may play in groups up to four players and are required to maintain proper social distancing throughout the round.

On-course Changes

All ball washers, closed-lid trash cans, and bunker rakes have been removed from the course. Golfers may play “preferred lies” in the bunkers. Sanitizer dispensers have been installed next to each water cooler to allow their continued operation in a safe manner. Golfers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

Flagstick & Cups

Flagsticks remain in the holes and are not to be touched at any time. The holes have been filled with a contraption that allows the ball to sit at the top of the cup, from where it is easily retrievable.

Food Service

Most Resort restaurants are open. In addition, beverage carts and snack bars are available on the courses.


On-course restroom facilities are open and sanitized regularly. Guests must continue to ensure compliance with social distancing protocols when using restroom facilities.


Photography is permitted so long as appropriate social distancing is followed.


After Your Round

Post-Round Services

All post round services, such as club and shoe cleaning, have been suspended until further notice.

Pebble Beach Resorts has implemented enhanced cleaning protocols and screening procedures in accordance with applicable guidance from the Centers for Disease Control in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although the safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority, we cannot guarantee that our facilities and the people who work in or visit our facilities are free of the virus.  By choosing to visit Pebble Beach Resorts, you accept the risk that you may be exposed to and/or contract the COVID-19 virus on our property.

Preparing for Your Round at Pebble Beach

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