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The Pebble Beach Resorts Dream 18

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Pebble Beach: A Playground for Wildlife
The top priority of Pebble Beach founder Samuel F.B. Morse was to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the Del Monte Forest and surrounding coastline. Here's a closer look at what wildlife you can encounter along 17-Mile Drive: Read More »
Five Famous Quotes You Might Repeat After Playing Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach stokes the same feelings in all-time greats and weekend warriors alike. Here are five famous quotes that might cross your mind the next time you play Pebble Beach: Read More »
Exploring the Secret Tide Pool Scene Around Pebble Beach
The entire Monterey Peninsula is teeming with terrific tide pools. Be sure to check out these spectacular sea life spots along 17-Mile Drive and beyond. Read More »
Golf’s Greatest Zip Code: A Tour of the Courses on 17-Mile Drive
As you meander along 17-Mile Drive, you'll catch yourself rubbernecking as you pass a total of eight courses — seven championship layouts that populate just about every golfer's bucket list, plus Peter Hay, the only par-3 design on the Monterey Peninsula. Read More »
10,000 Steps in Pebble Beach: Tips to Hiking the Del Monte Forest
A labyrinth of equestrian and hiking trails crisscross mystical Pebble Beach. Reaching 10,000 steps has never been so fun. Here's how you can do it in Pebble Beach: Read More »
Introducing an Exciting Addition at Pebble Beach: Fairway One at The Lodge
Imagine stepping outside the living room of your generous guest house, to a front-row view of the first fairway at Pebble Beach Golf Links. Opening later this summer, experience Pebble Beach like never before. Here's how: Read More »
RoboGolfPro: A Transformational Way to Learn the Golf Swing
It's as simple as grabbing a guided golf club and hanging on for the ride. You can construct the perfect, on-plane swing for your build, movement-by-movement. Or you can feel the positions and sequencing of hundreds of pro swings to discover that 'a-ha!' moment. Read More »
The 18 Best Culinary Experiences at Pebble Beach Resorts
Whether you're making your first trip to Pebble Beach Resorts, or looking for a new excursion the next time you come back, here's some inspiration that's sure to make your stomach growl. Read More »
The Pebble Beach Resorts Dream 18 – The Back Nine
Be sure to bring your camera – as well as a few extra balls. The final Pebble Beach Resorts Dream 18 measures as a 6,639-yard, par-71, with stunning ocean views on 13 holes, and water coming into play on 12 holes. Read More »
The Pebble Beach Resorts Dream 18 – The Front Nine
The results are in! You chose your Pebble Beach Resorts Dream 18, and here's what the front nine looks like: a 3,198-yard, par-35, with four par-4s, three par-3s and two par-5s. Let's take a closer look. Read More »
Conquering the 10 Scariest Shots at Pebble Beach (Part 2)
The tee shot on No. 18. The approach into No. 8. Standing on the seventh tee. These are the shots that define your round at Pebble Beach. Here's how to play them. Read More »
The 5 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Pebble Beach
With love in the air this Valentine's Day, we came up with our favorite spots to pop the Big Question. Good luck! Read More »

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