Winter Lawn Tips from the Expert

While most of the country is bundled inside biding their time until the snow makes way for spring flowers, here on the west coast golf season rolls on. The famed “west coast swing” is underway and as golfers turn their television dials to watch the world’s best ramp up their seasons, the team of experts on the Pebble Beach grounds team is ramping up as well for the new-look AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am under the expert eye of Superintendent Pete Bachman.

While millions around the world may not be tuning in to view your lawn at home, these quick tips from Pete may have your neighbors pondering why your lawn has that “Pebble Beach sparkle” to it come springtime.

Pete along with his crew and the team at Spyglass Hill are geared up for the 2024 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.



Take it High When It’s Dry

If your lawn is still growing, raise your mowing height, reduce your mowing frequency, and avoid mowing your grass when wet. Turfgrass injury is more likely when the grass is wet, and turfgrass pathogens (fungus) are more likely to infect injured wet plants. Where turf isn’t dormant, a wintertime fertilization is a great way to keep your canopy dense and healthy to help prevent weed encroachment.

Frost Delays Aren’t Just for the Course

If you get frost, avoid foot and vehicle traffic until the plant has thawed out later in the day.  Traffic on frozen grass can cause serious damage.

Cart Path Only on the Snow Removal

In areas that receive ice and snow, go easy on the ice melt and try and keep it on the paved surfaces and off the grass.  These products are as effective at killing grass as they are at melting snow!

Leave No Leaf Behind

Either rake them up to prevent the turf from being suffocated or mow them with a mulching lawn mower that re-incorporates the clip.  A little extra organic material from mulched leaves is beneficial to the turf.


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