GOLF - Del Monte - Course History


Del Monte Golf Course

Del Monte Golf Course was almost immediately acknowledged as one of the finest courses in the world. The newly formed Pacific Coast Golf Association selected Del Monte as the site of its Pacific Coast Open in 1901. The PCGA Women's and Men's Amateur tournaments soon followed, as did Del Monte's own Del Monte Championship, which quickly became the most popular – and most important – tournament in the state. When the PCGA was replaced by the California Golf Association, the CGA State Amateur and the Del Monte Championship became one. Here are some notable highlights:

Opens and Professional Tournaments Winner Years
Open Championships (Pacific Coast) Multiple winners 1901-1918
1st California Open John Black 1919
Laguna Seca-Del Monte Hyatt Pro-Am Rafe Botts 1972
Confidence Pro-Am(1) Forrest Fezler 1975
Spalding Invitational Pro-Am(1) Multiple winners 1979-1986
Pebble Beach Invitational(1) Multiple winners 1993-1996
TaylorMade Pebble Beach Invitational(1) Multiple winners 1997-still
First Tee Open (Champions Tour) Multiple winners 2005-still
Other Regional Amateur Tournaments Winner Years
Del Monte Cup - Men's Championship Multiple winners 1898-1908
Del Monte Men's Championship Multiple winners 1909-1912
California State Amateur Championship Multiple winners 1912-1999
Del Monte Cup - Women's Championship Multiple winners 1898-1908
Del Monte Women's Championship Multiple winners 1909-1919
California Intercollegiate Championship Lauren Upson 1924
Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Chamionship(2) Lauren Upson 1925
Pacific Coast Women's Amateur Multiple winners 1901-1902
California Women's Amateur Alice Warner Law 1919
18th Western Amateur Championship Heinrich Schmidt 1916
California Junior Championship Multiple winners 1920-1937

1 Continuation of the renamed Laguna Seca-Del Monte Hyatt Pro-Am
2 Continuation of the renamed California Intercollegiate Championship