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Pebble Beach Company Foundation

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The Pebble Beach Company Foundation believes education is the foundation for success. We raise funds and distribute grants to local organizations dedicated to promoting excellence in life experiences for the youth of Monterey County. Pebble Beach Company Foundation grants span the arts/culture, athletics, community/human services, education, and environment.

Special Grant Opportunities

In 2015 the Pebble Beach Company Foundation board of directors will give separate consideration to youth literacy and collaborative projects. These special requests may be submitted in addition to your organization's annual grant request or may be incorporated into it.

By funding worthy literacy projects, the Foundation hopes to mobilize community resources and strengthen local literacy initiatives. It also believes that thoughtful non-profit collaboration strengthens the core of individual programs and allows for greater community impact from those collective efforts.

If you are an organization seeking funding for programs that provide educational benefits for Monterey County children, please refer to the guidelines below.


Grant Guidelines

  1. The organization must be a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status or public school
  2. Serve youth within Monterey County communities
  3. Demonstrate a financial need
  4. Have administrative expenses that do not exceed 25% of total operating budget

Typical non-profit organizations or applicants not eligible for grants:

  1. Conferences or seminars
  2. Individuals or stipends
  3. Political organizations
  4. Research programs
  5. Start-up programs
  6. Grant making organizations
  7. Health, medicine or senior care programs
  8. Hunger prevention programs
  9. International or foreign-based programs

Application checklist:

  1. Copy of federal tax-exempt determination letter
  2. Copy of most recently filed form 990 of 990N
  3. Copy of most recent financial audit (if any)
  4. Copy of financial statements compared to budget for most recently completed fiscal year
  5. Copy of budget for year of grant

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