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Team Leader Program

Team Leader Program

It’s like an MBA with a paycheck!

The Team Leader program will give you the opportunity to develop and explore your interests in hospitality. This position is an entry level managerial position, which provides a hands-on opportunity to work within the Food and Beverage Division and/or the Rooms Division. Our goal is to have each Team Leader develop knowledge of each area while developing their leadership skills.

The Team Leader program is often referred to as an “MBA with a paycheck” because of the experience and knowledge it provides to participants.

Pebble Beach Company is committed to growing our next generation of leaders through our Team Leader program.

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Meet our Team Leader Alumni

Ricky Gamundi

Director of Rooms

Being a Team Leader was by far the most invaluable experience of my career! I was given the opportunity to learn several different areas of rooms operation by working alongside various managers and coworkers. My time in the Team Leader program was very humbling because it taught me a lot about hard work and organization.

Caroline Hayworth

STICKS Restaurant Manager

The Team Leader program was eye-opening and rewarding in so many ways. Most importantly, it pointed me in the direction of a career path that I would never have seen myself in.  I am thankful I was presented with many different roles, work environments and challenges that helped to shape my career and management skills. It is rare to find an opportunity like this for new graduates, especially at a world-class golf resort.

Kelly Jones

Human Resources Manager

I highly recommend the Team Leader program! It was the perfect opportunity for me to have a full-time management position straight out of college. Although it was one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced, it was also the most rewarding and fruitful job I have ever had. I am now in Human Resources, but the exposure to operations experience was one of the keys to my success with Pebble Beach Company.

Bryan Anthony

Director of Food & Beverage

The Team Leader program was my graduate school to become an effective leader in one of the best organizations the hospitality industry. As with all things in life, your takeaway is what you put into it. I am proud to be a Team Leader alumni!

Adam Leavenworth

Restaurant Manager

The Team Leader program allowed me to strengthen my leadership abilities and continue to push myself to new heights.  It taught me how to manage and motivate my teams to allow them to perform to the best of their abilities and to exceed our guests’ expectations.  The program helped ignite my passion for the food and beverage industry and grasp a better knowledge of hotel operations. I am extremely grateful for my time as a Team Leader.

Luke Mangan

Director of Rooms

I started as an hourly supervisor at The Inn Front Desk. Eleven years and three promotions later, the feeling of wanting to be back at work the next day, help guests and solve problems hasn’t left me. I look back at the Team Leader program knowing that it convinced me that hospitality was the industry I wanted to work in, inspired me to believe in the Pebble Beach approach to service and management, and gave me a group of friends that will be with me forever.

Nick Ferrari

Project Manager

I am forever grateful for the opportunity and experience that the Team Leader program provided me in my early career. Although the learning curve was steep, I truly believe that my time as a Team Leader provided me with a foundation in leadership that I still used to this day. One piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Mekayla Wood

Pèppoli Restaurant Assistant Manager

As a recent college graduate I seized the opportunity to join the Team Leader program, and it was through this experience that I fell in love with the hospitality industry. As a Team Leader I was able to develop not only hospitality skills, but interpersonal skills as well. Without the incredible support and mentorship that the program provided, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Lauren Carpenter

Front Office Manager

My words of encouragement to future Team Leaders: Think about your goals and find a theme song. Each day you need inspiration, play this song. Find meaning in how it motivates you to push through challenges.

Kyle Posey

Banquet Assistant Manager

Dedication, teamwork, persistence. These are the key attributes that the Team Leader Program at Pebble Beach demonstrated to me during my tenure. Being a Team Leader will give you the framework and the tools to build a bright future in hospitality. You will experience unbelievable events and meet some incredible people along the way. I am so thankful I took the leap and became a Team Leader!

Jayden Brown

Guest Services Manager

The Team Leader program was the foundation that allowed me to become the leader I am today. I am forever grateful for the experience and would recommend this program to any aspiring hospitality professional who is looking to set themselves apart from the crowd and learn from the best.

Amanda Wood

Front Desk Assistant Manager

The Team Leader program gave me the opportunity to find my niche in the hospitality industry.  I can still remember my first day working at the front desk at The Lodge at Pebble Beach, and knowing it was the place I wanted to be.  My advice to future Team Leaders would be to look at each day as a “working interview” and ask as many questions as you can.  Pebble Beach is a special place and the things you learn in this program will stay with you for life.

Johnathan Meza

Guest Services Assistant Manager

Applying as a Team Leader for Pebble Beach Resorts was by far the best decision to advance my career and introduce me to the world of hospitality. In the program, you work alongside an army of managers, coworkers and well-seasoned individuals who have dedicated themselves to leading effective teams at one of the best resorts known globally. Working at Pebble Beach is invaluable; it is a great place to thrive, make life–long friends, and provide exceptional service to our guests.

Lina Melchor

STICKS Restaurant Assistant Manager

From washing dishes to cooking and serving, I knew early on that food and beverage was my life calling. I also knew I wasn’t going to stop there. The team leader program gave me the opportunity to go to the next level and learn the ins and outs of a food and beverage operation. It also taught me some of the most important life skills that have shaped me into the person I am today. All it takes is a little hard work and dedication and nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.​

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