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Course History

Del Monte Golf Course

The story of Del Monte Golf Course is the story of California golf itself. When the Hotel Del Monte opened in Monterey, California, it quickly became regarded as one of the grandest hotels ever built - a resort sanctuary dedicated to serving the desires of guests from around the world.

In the early 1890s, the game of golf made its way to California, and Hotel Del Monte wished to provide a golf course for its visitors. However, because the hotel's own land was occupied by a racetrack and polo field, the 9-hole Del Monte Golf Course had to be constructed offsite, on land leased from a man named David Jacks. The course you play today is still located on the original site.

Today, only two of California's earliest golf courses remain in operation: Del Monte Golf Course and the course at the Presidio in San Francisco, built in 1896. Because the Presidio course was temporarily converted back into a practice drill field during the Spanish-American War, Del Monte Golf Course holds the distinction of being the oldest golf course in continuous operation west of the Mississippi River.

Historic Timeline

Explore this historic timeline for a glimpse into the venerated history of Del Monte Golf Course.

1897 May 1 - Del Monte Golf Course opens as a 9-hole golf course.
1903 Del Monte was expanded to become one of the first 18-hole golf courses in California.
1912 Del Monte was further expanded using many of the same greens. The revised course included the creation of the Del Monte Golf and Country Club, which was incorporated January 17, 1912.
1916 Heinrich Schmidt wins the Western Golf Association Amateur Championship at Del Monte Golf Course, marking the first time the event was played west of the Continental Divide.
1920 The Del Monte Golf Course was revamped once again with an almost total redesign by William Herbert Fowler—much of this design now remains.
1943 Del Monte Golf Course remains open under a skeleton crew that was managed by the City of Monterey.
1948 Pebble Beach Company resumes management of Del Monte Golf Course.
1967 The pro shop and the Del Monte Bar & Grill were moved to their current locations.
1970 The current 6th, 7th and 8th holes opened for play.
1972 Del Monte Golf Course and Laguna Seca host the first Laguna Seca-Del Monte Hyatt Championship, which would later become today’s TaylorMade Pebble Beach Invitational.
1995 The Duke’s Club begins offering special rates for members.
1997 Del Monte Golf Course celebrated its centennial with an international gathering of other centennial golf clubs.

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