Green Initiatives

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Pebble Beach Resorts Green Initiatives

Green on and off the course

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Pebble Beach Company takes great pride in our environmental stewardship of the Del Monte Forest and the adjacent coastline along the 17-Mile Drive. Our goal is to manage our approximately 5,300 acres of golf courses, resort and recreational facilities, and seashore and forested open spaces on a sustainable basis so that Pebble Beach—“the greatest meeting of land and water in the world”—is available for the use and enjoyment of many generations to come.

In keeping with one of our core values to "Keep Improving,"
Pebble Beach Resorts has formed a Green Team comprised of individuals from all areas of the resort. The Green Team is currently reviewing a wide variety of projects to decrease our ecological footprint. Our current and ongoing projects are outlined in Green Initiatives: Programs include efforts in wastewater reclamation, preservation of our natural habitat and recycling initiatives.

Virtually every aspect of Pebble Beach Resorts is touched by our desire to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain the nature that surrounds us. From focusing on local, organic produce and sustainable seafood in our restaurants, to guest rooms equipped with low-flow showerheads, we're committed to making a difference.

Inspired by our efforts? Learn more about decreasing your own ecological footprint at any of the following websites: