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Ulysses Played a Part in a Pebble Beach Wedding

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Bride and groom standing in front of the ocean

“It was back in 2009 when David and I first met at the New York City bar, Ulysses. It was a local hangout for my group of friends, and one evening while I was there, David happened to drop in with a friend of his after work since it was just around the corner from his office.

A man entered the bar, and upon seeing the two of us—we are both very tall—thought we would make a great basketball team. So he decided to introduce us and as a result, David and I ended up exploring New York and traveling the world together for the next four years.

In February 2013, a blizzard hit New York, so we went sledding in Central Park. (I should mention here that David recognized this was an opportunity to pop the question…and also that after David’s jeweler found out that David was sledding with the ring in his pocket, he was horrified!)

The park was absolutely beautiful, and despite not having proper sledding gear, we set out to find the steepest hill possible, which ended up being a flight of stairs heading down to Bethesda Fountain. I said I wanted a photo of us together since the setting was so beautiful. David said why not take a photo of “the three of us”, and he got down on one knee, took out a diamond ring, and asked me to marry him. I very happily said, “Yes!” and we celebrated with champagne at The Central Park Boat House.

A few months later we were planning to move to Australia, but prior to that, we decided to take an extended layover in California to visit potential wedding venues. Since David was from Australia and I was from Florida, and we had friends scattered all over the world, we thought California would be the perfect spot for our destination wedding.

First on our list of venues was Pebble Beach Resorts. After our harsh New York winters, the town of Carmel seemed like a dream. The beauty and the charm of the area were absolutely enchanting. From the moment we arrived at Pebble Beach, everything clicked into place; it was our dream venue. Being an avid golfer, David was blown away by the grounds and traditions of the resort, while I loved the stunning views and location.

Making this even more perfect was meeting and working with the Director of Catering, Daryl Griffith, and her team. With the time difference and the distance, planning from Australia proved challenging in other aspects of our wedding, but never when working with Pebble Beach. Daryl and her team were incredible and made sure everything not only went off without a hitch, but also done perfectly.

On April 26, 2014, a year after our first visit to Pebble Beach, we got married and held our reception at The Beach & Tennis Club. Every detail was executed flawlessly by the Pebble Beach team, and everything from the escort cards to the flowers was exquisite. The food was out of this world, and the cakes and dessert were heavenly. The service and attention throughout the night were unrivaled to anything we or our guests had ever experienced.

Looking back on the wedding, it feels like an incredible dream. Every moment was magical and could not have happened without the team at Pebble Beach. We have fallen in love with Pebble Beach, heart and soul, and will be visiting and reliving happy memories there for the rest of our lives.”


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