Golf Tips from the Pros at Pebble Beach

From “Getting a Grip on Putting” to “A Lesson from Tom Watson,” these golf tips brought to you by the professionals at Pebble Beach Golf Academy will educate and inspire—as well as improve your game!

Golf is a Game of Misses

Ben Hogan, arguably the greatest ball striker of all time, once said that he was happy if he hit two shots per round exactly the way he had intended…

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A Lesson from Tom Watson

Tom told me that even players of his caliber lose the rhythm of their swings during a round of golf. Thankfully, he told me what he did to get his tempo and timing back…

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Match Your Stroke to Your Technique & Equipment

Most golfers aren’t sure if putting is an art, a science or a religious experience. Through my years of teaching all levels of golfers, I have come to the conclusion…

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Balance Your Swing for Extra Power

You don’t drive the ball as long as you’d like, but implement these three key changes in your technique and you’ll see increased yardage in no time.

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Getting a Grip on Putting

When putting, you need to take an opposite approach. You want to control speed and power so you can better control the distance of your putts. Most three putts come from…

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Turn Right, Swing Left

To solve your slicing woes, you need to do three basic things in your swing that you’re not doing now. Make these simple moves and your shots will immediately fly straighter. Here’s what to do…

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