Getting a Grip on Putting

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With your full golf swing, your grip on the club runs diagonal to your hands. This allows you to hinge your wrist through the downswing and upswing, creating both speed and power.

When putting, you need to take an opposite approach. You want to control speed and power so you can better control the distance of your putts. Most three putts come from the first putt not being the correct distance. By changing your grip, you can better control the putter and its speed to more accurately and repeatedly control your putting distance.

Your putting grip should run up your palm, roughly along your lifeline. The putter shaft should run parallel to both of your forearms. This grip and a relaxed stance help to minimize the amount of wrist action and create a more consistent one-levered stroke.

For additional help on shaving putting strokes off of your scorecard, contact the Pebble Beach Golf Academy at (831) 622-8650.