How The Spa at Pebble Beach Can Treat What Ails You

Looking for a treatment to sooth your skin? To loosen up your bad back? To work on your sore shoulder? To revitalize your spirit and mind?

Here’s a glimpse at some of the services available at The Spa at Pebble Beach, and why you might want to try them:

Face Treatments

  • What Ails You: Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic condition which causes flushing, redness, small bumps and irritation on the skin.

  • How We Can Treat It:

The Sensitive Skin Facial is a perfect treatment that will calm, soothe and give nourishment to the skin. Many who suffer from Rosacea are afraid of facials because they feel their skin will become more irritated. But with the right products, your skin can actually feel relief.

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  • What Ails You: Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Many of us would like to reduce our fine lines and wrinkles in order to look (and feel) more youthful.

  • How We Can Treat It:

The Deluxe Silk Peel and the Fountain of Youth treatment are both perfect for addressing these skin conditions.

The Deluxe Silk Peel is 80-minute workout for your skin. Your skin is exfoliated with a physician-grade machine removes dead skin cells while simultaneously infusing a targeted solution such as Vitamin C or Hyaluronic acid into your skin. Your lines and wrinkles are plumped with hydration, like turning a raisin back into a grape. A special collagen mask also bathes your skin in moisture and vitamins. You will look refreshed, youthful and glowing after this amazing treatment.

The Fountain of Youth treatment uses LED light therapy and anti-aging serums to promote circulation, stimulate collagen and regenerate cells.

  • What Ails You: Acne

Acne is a condition that affects millions of people of all ages. Hormones, genetics and stress contribute to the condition. Since our skin being the largest organ, it needs continual treatment. From blackheads and whiteheads to cystic acne, it can be frustrating not knowing what to do.

  • How We Can Treat It:

The Spa at Pebble Beach has a fabulous treatment for you to get your skin on the road to clarity. The Pore Clarifying Silk Peel combined with FDA approved Celluma Light Therapy is designed specifically for acne. Using a special device, the skin is exfoliated, removing debris from the pore and infusing your skin with acne solutions to immediately begin healing. Celluma Light Therapy uses special light that kills the bacteria that causes the acne and reduces inflammation in the skin. In a short time, you will see improvement and feel your best.

Body Treatments

  • What Ails You: Frozen Shoulder/Back Spasm

This is a terrible ailment to have on a golfing trip. But we can fix you!

  • How We Can Treat It:

We have seen remarkable results for frozen shoulders and back spasms with Acupuncture. Massage is contraindicated for acute pain or nerve issues, but Acupuncture is extremely effective.

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  • What Ails You: General aches and pains

Massage relieves muscular tension, relaxing muscles and reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. It reduces muscle soreness and fatigue by enhancing blood circulation that results in an increase in the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to the muscles. When muscular tension is reduced, range of motion is improved.

  • How We Can Treat It:

Massage Therapy increases flexibility by lengthening muscles and promoting relaxation. Finally, massage therapy tones weak muscles through an increase in spindle activity that stimulates minute muscle contractions. Add CBD Oil to the massage for decreased inflammation and increased relief from pain.

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  • What Ails You: Mental Fatigue

Whether it’s because of travel, work or family, it’s important to address feelings of overstress, burnout or deep fatigue.

  • How We Can Treat It:

The chakra system is an ancient way of viewing the body. It is divided into seven zones, with each area having energy that must flow freely. When the chakras are balanced, the whole body works in harmony and we feel elevated, energized and whole.

Think of the seven chakra points along the body as different organ systems. All of your organs must be in good working order for the body and mind to be healthy. Chakra Balancing uses energy work and healing gemstones to bring the body and mind back into balance.

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