The Hay Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

The Hay is located in Pebble Beach at 3260 Stevenson Drive across the street from the Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility.

How do I book a tee time?

Guests can book tee times by calling Resort Reservations at (800) 877-0597.

What are the hours of operations?

Like our other courses, shortly after sunrise to sunset.

Where do you park and check-in?

Parking is at the newly-created lot across the street from the Pebble Beach Golf Academy.

Is retail available for purchase?

Yes, in the Pebble Beach Golf Academy lobby, where you check in.

Is a hotel stay required to play?


Are spectators allowed on course?

Non-playing spectators are allowed on course so long as they adhere to golf etiquette.

Are pets allowed?

Dogs are allowed but must be leashed and under their owner’s control at all times. Owners are responsible for promptly picking up after their pets and bringing the appropriate materials to do so. Pebble Beach reserves the right to require the prompt removal of any pet who displays unacceptable behavior at any time.

Is the PBC Resort shuttle available?

Yes. The PBC Resort shuttle makes stops at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy 5 minutes past the top and bottom of every hour the facility is open.

Are groups, tournaments and course buyouts available?

Yes. Please contact The Hay at (831) 622-8651.

Are restrooms available?

Restrooms are located at Hay’s Place. The next nearest restrooms are located across the street at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility.

Short Course

Are golf carts available?

No, there are no golf carts for rent at The Hay. For individuals requiring use of a golf cart for reasons that qualify under the ADA, a single-rider vehicle can be provided. Please notify Reservations at the time of booking and allow time for delivery of the cart prior to your round.

Does the green fee include unlimited play for the day?

No. Published green fees are for 9 holes. Re-rounds can be booked on the same day of play at 50% off their prior rate on a space-available basis.

Are pull carts allowed? Available for rent?

Personal pull carts are allowed to be used. No pull carts are available to rent.

Are rental clubs available? Can we share a set?

TaylorMade golf clubs may be rented at a cost of $10 per set. Each golfer must have at least one of their own clubs to play.

Is access to the Pebble Beach Practice Facility included with green fee?

No. The Pebble Beach Practice Facility is only available to resort guests, members, and players who have tee times at Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill or Spanish Bay prior to their round.

What is the maximum allowed golfers per tee time?

Up to 8 golfers may occupy any single tee time; however, two consecutive tee times must be available and booked in order to do so. All groups, but especially groups with more than 4 players, should recognize that negative pace of play may affect others behind them, so they must play without delay and promptly (USGA Rule 5). Allowing groups behind to “play through” is acceptable.

Putting Course

Are reservations required / available for the putting course?

No. The putting course is first-come, first-serve; check-in directly with the starter adjacent to the putting course.

Is chipping allowed on the putting course? Use the practice bunker?

No. There is no practice chipping at the new short course facility. Resort guests and members may pitch and chip at the Pebble Beach Practice Facility; all others may use Spyglass Hill or Spanish Bay.

Junior Golfers

Is there a minimum age requirement to use the putting course? Short course?

No. Persons of all ages are allowed.

Do children need to be accompanied by an adult?

No. Junior golfers that exhibit proper etiquette and golf skill do not need to be accompanied by an adult. This is subject to the discretion of Pebble Beach Management.

Food & Beverage

Is outside food and beverage permitted?

With the exception of soft drinks, bottled water and snacks, F&B not purchased from Pebble Beach outlets are prohibited. F&B is available for purchase at any of our restaurants, PB Market and the Golf Academy. In addition, a beverage cart will be stationed near the putting course.

What are the hours of operation at Hay's Place

Hay’s Place is open for lunch and dinner from 11am-9pm.

What type of cuisine is served at Hay's Place

Hay’s Place is a fun and lively restaurant that serves a casual, Mexican-inspired menu.

How do I make a reservation at Hay's Place

Guests can make a reservation by calling (800) 877-0597.