From Skeleton Island to Long John Silver: The Names of the Back Nine at Spyglass Hill

We’ve met a cast of characters on the front nine, but many personalities remain.

Onward to the back nine at Spyglass Hill:

No. 10: Captain Flint (407 Yards, Par-4)

Original Bob Hanna description: Silver’s parrot may well be echoing “pieces of eight” in the ears of the money players.

Treasure Island reference: The pirate captain of the Walrus who buries the treasure on Treasure Island. Flint’s quartermaster Long John Silver also names his parrot “Captain Flint” in mockery.

No. 11: Admiral Benbow (528 Yards, Par-5)

Original description: Eleven green will provide safe refuge to those who bravely negotiate the sand.

Treasure Island reference: The inn that protagonist Jim Hawkins and his parents run.

No. 12: Skeleton Island (178 Yards, Par-3)

Original description: The shape of the green and the lake guarding it lead the way to the treasure.

Treasure Island reference: Also known as Treasure Island. The perils of seeking the treasure meant risking death.

No. 13: Tom Morgan (460 Yards, Par-4)

Original description: A pirate if there ever was one. One of the most deceiving holes on the course, longer than it looks.

Treasure Island reference: A pirate and mutineer on the Hispaniola who is left marooned on Treasure Island.

No. 14: Long John Silver (560 Yards, Par-5)

Original description: This double dog leg five par will dominate the whole card.

Treasure Island reference: A cunning, sly, peg-legged pirate with a parrot on his shoulder. He’s the cook on the voyage to Treasure Island who is the secret leader of the mutineers.

No. 15: Jim Hawkins (130 Yards, Par-3)


Original description: The only kindly hole on the course. Just a little bit of a shot, but…

Treasure Island reference: The protagonist adolescent boy through which the tale of Treasure Island is told.

No. 16: Black Dog (476 Yards, Par-4)

Original description: The most scurrilous of them all; a name well deserved. Not many will be able to cope with the length of this infamous par four.

Treasure Island reference: The pale pirate missing two fingers who is an old shipmate of Billy Bones.

No. 17: Benn Gunn (325 Yards, Par-4)

Original description: Liked by all; a friendly character, not too long but full of suspicion.

Treasure Island reference: A reformed pirate who has been marooned on Treasure Island for three years by himself.

No. 18: Spyglass (408 Yards, Par-4)

Original description: The home hole toward the sign of the Spyglass.

Treasure Island reference: Spyglass is the location of the largest hill on Treasure Island. Spy-Glass is also the name of a tavern owned by Long John Silver.

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