Restore Your Natural Balance

You haven’t fully experienced The Spa at Pebble Beach until you’ve enjoyed our Signature Treatments. Designed for The Spa, these treatments make the most of our location and complement your Pebble Beach Resorts getaway.

The Pebble Massage

Our Signature Massage incorporates tension-releasing LaStone massage techniques with warm sculpted stones. The deep, penetrating heat of the stones allows your therapist to effectively work your muscles and balance your energy.

70 minutes

Lasapa Lelima Purification Treatment

Inspired by Monterey’s indigenous Esselen tribe, Lasapa Lelima is a Native American-based cleansing or bathing ceremony. Featuring locally grown coastal and white sage, elderberry and blue corn meal, this combination scrub, wrap and massage creates an environment for healing to occur naturally.

100 minutes

Ocean Elements

Begin this ocean-inspired relaxation with an invigorating dry brush followed by a mother of pearl, lime and bergamot salt scrub. Enjoy a soothing scalp or foot massage while wrapped in seaweed mud. To complete your treatment, indulge in an application of coconut oil and almond oil scented with the essence of coastal herbs and flowers.

75 minutes

The Palmero

Tropical relaxation begins with our luscious papaya-pineapple enzyme scrub to buff and soften your skin. Then, while wrapped in a nourishing and hydrating propolis wrap, warm kukui coconut oil is massaged deeply into your scalp. An application of kukui coconut moisturizer completes your total relaxation.

75 minutes

The Royal Treatment

This wonderful massage treatment incorporates head-to-toe relaxation with honey, ginger and a royal jelly facial mask. After the royal treatment of the back with pure honey, a beeswax sheet is applied to support the healing process. To complete the transformation, enjoy a therapeutic massage, foot scrub and rub. As a finishing touch, a royal jelly facial mask is applied and the face is massaged. The combination is incredibly relaxing and healing.

75 minutes

Deluxe Silk Peel

A five-star service that leaves you red-carpet ready, this treatment provides all the benefits of our Silk Peel facial plus extractions, collagen moisture mask and Silk Peel on your hands.

80 minutes

Salt of the Earth Massage

This healing massage uses heated Himalayan salt stones to reduce tension and relieve pain and inflammation.  Through osmosis, the salt’s minerals and nutrients naturally activate your healing mechanisms, allowing your body to restore itself to balance.

70 minutes

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