Did You Know? Fun Facts

An Insider’s Look at Pebble Beach Resorts

  • The famed Lone Cypress Tree on 17-Mile Drive—made famous by photographers and visitors over the decades—is 200 to 300 years old.
  • April is seal pupping month at Pebble Beach. Each year, mother seals return to Fanshell Beach along 17-Mile Drive to give birth.
  • The average lifespan of a Monterey Pine is 80 years.
  • Both The Inn at Spanish Bay and The Lodge at Pebble Beach have silver polishers on staff working full-time to keep their collections shining.
  • Pebble Beach Company annually grows 200,000 seedlings of indigenous plants in its greenhouse to be planted throughout the resort. At least 15,000 of them are trees.
  • A bagpiper makes a twilight stroll each evening at The Inn at Spanish Bay, providing a sunset serenade to golfers, diners and hotel guests.
  • Point Joe, named after a Chinese abalone fisherman who settled in the area in the late 1800’s, is the site of many shipwrecked schooners.
  • Directly off Point Joe, the Restless Sea is the location at which the currents of the sea and the bay meet and cross, causing constant turbulence.
  • Both The Inn at Spanish Bay and The Lodge at Pebble Beach employ in-house florists whose job it is to design and create the numerous floral arrangements on display throughout the hotels.
  • The 17-Mile Drive is one of only nine private toll roads in the United States.
  • In addition to the traditional chocolate or mint on the pillow at night, guests at The Lodge or The Inn can upgrade to fresh-baked cookies and a pitcher of milk.
  • A pygmy tree forest can be found in the Morse Preserve. Indians used the plants at Pebble Beach for everything from cooking and soap making to killing fish. The property’s reforestation program has engendered many different species, including the popular Monterey Cypress and Pine, the rare Gowen Cypress and the Bishop Pine.

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