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Why Pebble Beach?

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Legendary Events, Exceptional Service & Extraordinary Facilities

You don’t plan A Meeting at Pebble Beach. You plan The Meeting.

Since 1919, the exquisite and unmatched beauty of Pebble Beach Resorts on California’s Monterey Peninsula has served as the backdrop for unforgettable meetings and events. From the unparalleled service and premier facilities to our spectacular environment and world-class accommodations, we provide you with the very definition of return on investment.

Corporate & Sales Events

As one event planner recently wrote, “Pebble Beach Resorts is unlike any other property in their ability to anticipate your needs and make you look good in every way. It’s an unforgettable experience for all.” See why.

Corporate & Sales Events

Private Golf Tournaments

Organize a corporate golf outing or tournament at the world-renowned courses of Pebble Beach. We’ll assist you in planning every detail and provide your attending guests with an incomparable golf experience.

Private Golf Tournaments

Fundraising & Charity Events

From the National Kidney Foundation to our renowned AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, non-profit and corporate organizations alike partner with Pebble Beach Resorts to achieve their fundraising goals.

Fundraising & Charity Events

Pebble Beach Preferred

If your goal is to create a smaller, more intimate gathering for your guests, our exclusive Pebble Beach Preferred Department specializes in the small-group experience.

Pebble Beach Preferred

Reasons & Results for Choosing Pebble Beach

  1. Motivating Success
    The Pebble Beach environment provides unequaled engagement and motivation between all levels of professionals. It has a lasting impact that will yield incredible performance from your team before, during and long after your meeting.
  2. Inspired Productivity
    We have heard it time and again from past meeting attendees: There is just something about the atmosphere at Pebble Beach Resorts that yields inspired thinking and new ideas, while promoting personal engagement, relaxed privacy and unhindered productivity.
  3. Custom-Tailored Service
    Truly exceptional service is not about meeting needs. It is about anticipating your group’s needs and going above and beyond to exceed them. That is exactly what Pebble Beach provides. We have a unique approach to service that you will find nowhere else.
  4. The Perfect Setting
    Simply stated, Pebble Beach is the ideal setting for your next meeting. The unmatched beauty and easy access to the California Coast offer unlimited options, while the expansive and versatile resort environment provides the perfect setting and inspiration for your team.
  5. The Perfect Reward
    The opportunity to visit Pebble Beach Resorts motivates unparalleled performance. It is the ultimate place to recognize uncommon accomplishments, rejuvenate and showcase a future goal for your top professionals to strive for again and again.

Meetings & Events at Pebble Beach

“We do two programs a year for our top customers. One is always at Pebble Beach. Over the 8 years we’ve been coming to Pebble, we’ve gotten to know our customers better and more importantly have become good friends. The one thing we all have in common is golf and we love to play Pebble Beach. The group we have here is worth between $25 and $30 billion to us a year. The return on investment is in the ‘gazillions.’ We’ll return to Pebble Beach every year as long as there is a Pebble Beach.”
– Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Enterprise Technology Company

“Over the eight years that I’ve brought this one customer to Pebble Beach, I’ve grown our business with them from $3M to $15M. We use Pebble Beach as a place to showcase next year’s product line and write orders. It’s the best return I can get on a $75K investment.”
– Regional Director of Sales, Apparel and Footwear Company

“Our first event at Pebble Beach was in 1990. We brought our top 5 brokers and our top 3 executives to Pebble Beach for four days. We built our company based on the relationships we formed at Pebble Beach. Twenty-two years later we meet with our top 175 brokers and top 10 executives at Pebble Beach to reward them for helping us grow our business and discuss our plans for the upcoming year. In our industry our company is forever linked with Pebble Beach.”
– Chief Financial Officer, Insurance Company

“Our hospitality chalet on the 18th fairway on Pebble Beach Golf Links for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am drives a consistent ROI every year. You can bank on it.”
– Industry Marketing Manager, Major International Technology Company

“I’ve been bringing my top 75 customers and prospects to Pebble Beach every summer for the last 12 years. My customers plan their summer around our event. This year I invited a prospect from Israel who never played Pebble Beach. I met with him our first night here and we played Pebble Beach together the next day. He was like a little kid. He walked into almost every bunker just to see what they were like. After the round we closed a big deal that’s worth about $40M a year. And that’s just one customer. I have 74 more like him here this week.”
– Senior Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development, Technology Company

“This is the best (business development) program we do with our customers. And best of all it funds itself. We allocate 1% of revenue from our year-over-year sales increase to operate this program. If we don’t hit our numbers we don’t do it. But when Pebble Beach is the carrot it creates a lot of excitement and activity. Everyone works really hard so they can return to Pebble Beach.”
– Senior Vice President, Industrial Company

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