Play Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill in Major Championship Conditions

Golf is the only sport in the world where the playing field changes for its championships.

  • The fences don’t move back 50 feet to make it harder for baseball’s best teams to score during the World Series.
  • You don’t take free throws from the 3-point line because it’s the NBA Finals.
  • First downs aren’t 15 yards to slow offenses down in the Super Bowl.
  • Sure Wimbledon has grass, and the French Open is played on clay, but the net isn’t raised because it’s a grand slam.

But a round during a Major championship is a completely different experience.

18 Pebble Beach 2010 US Open

Golf courses are stretched by hundreds of yards with brand new tee boxes played only during these special events. The fairways shrivel, and are surrounded by 4-inch rough, as well as lush fescue twice as deep. The greens are as firm and fast as physically possible, and the conditioning of the course is immaculate.

A golf course during a Major championship is the best you will ever see it, the culmination of a year’s worth of maintenance and preparation aimed to peak for one week. The goal of the intense setup is to thoroughly examine – and ultimately identify – the best players in the world.

And now, you can gain an entirely new and unforgettable appreciation for just how good these guys really are.

For the first time, Pebble Beach Resorts is offering you the chance to play Pebble Beach Golf Links and Spyglass Hill Golf Course in Major championship conditions.

Pebble Beach is on the clock for the 2018 U.S. Amateur – and we have something truly special for you.


2010 us open

We are hosting a unique tournament during the 2018 U.S. Amateur – the two-player best ball U.S. Amateur Challenge. This never-been-offered event allows you to play Spyglass Hill like few have ever seen it – only participants in the 1999 U.S. Amateur can relate to such a demanding setup.

Those that survive a 120-team cut in the net event will then have the privileged of playing Pebble Beach Golf Links on the same day as competition during the U.S. Amateur. (Click here for more details.)

As 2015 U.S. Amateur champion and PGA TOUR winner Bryson DeChambeau said, “The U.S. Amateur is the most difficult championship to win in the world.”

With the U.S. Open returning to Pebble Beach in 2019, the USGA will once again use the 2018 U.S. Amateur as a testing ground for setup ideas. When Pebble Beach hosted the 1999 U.S. Amateur with Spyglass Hill, one year ahead of the 2000 U.S. Open, the medalist score was 1-under 143, the second highest in championship history.

This is your chance to play Pebble Beach in U.S. Open conditions, and experience the answer to the question we’ve all asked ourselves after taking a double-bogey at Spyglass Hill, “How tough would Spyglass Hill be if it hosted a Major?”

3rd hole at Spyglass Hill

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to be a part of the fifth U.S. Amateur hosted at Pebble Beach – a place that crowned Jack Nicklaus, and turned away Bobby Jones’ bid at history. You can be there next year, playing Pebble Beach just a few holes ahead of the next Tiger Woods, or Phil Mickelson, or Arnold Palmer, while your friends watch the championship on TV.

Just think of the stories you’ll have no matter what you’ll shoot, and how that scorecard will be a personal badge of honor. This is a truly rare opportunity to discover an experience unlike anything else you’ve tried in golf.

Learn More About the Two-Player Best Ball U.S. Amateur Challenge

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