Pebble Beach Weather & Climate

The mild climate of the Monterey Peninsula ensures that the average temperature highs range from 60-71 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The summer months can be accompanied by a morning fog, with the weather heating up when the marine layer burns off in the afternoon.

It is best to dress in layers and carry a water-resistant wind shirt or jacket. Note that it rarely rains between April and October.

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Avg. Precipitation Record High Record Low
Jan 60°F 43°F 4.19 in. 84°F 22°F
Feb 61°F 45°F 3.75 in. 86°F 26°F
Mar 62°F 46°F 3.53 in. 85°F 32°F
April 64°F 47°F 1.48 in. 93°F 35°F
May 65°F 48°F 0.50 in. 95°F 38°F
June 67°F 50°F 0.20 in. 101°F 42°F
July 68°F 52°F 0.09 in. 98°F 43°F
Aug 70°F 53°F 0.11 in. 96°F 45°F
Sep 71°F 53°F 0.28 in. 101°F 43°F
Oct 70°F 51°F 1.06 in. 104°F 35°F
Nov 64°F 47°F 2.43 in. 95°F 35°F
Dec 60°F 43°F 2.73 in. 89°F 20°F

*Source: The Weather Channel

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