Learning Programs at the Academy

Individual Instruction

Receive world-class instruction that is custom-designed for your individual success at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy, where our professional staff can improve every aspect of your game.

  • Full Swing Lessons; Putting Lessons
  • Golf Fitness & Performance Evaluations
  • Multi-Student Instruction
  • On-Course Playing Lessons

Custom Training Programs

Improve every facet of your level of play with our series of Academy training programs, which focus on putting, the short and long game, on-course applications and the mental/physical game.

  • The Basics for recreational players
  • Hitting It Farther to develop more ball speed
  • Putting Master for improved green reading
  • Wedge Guru to score more efficiently

Group Programs

Learn to play, brush up on your golf skills, receive expert coaching tips, get complete video swing analysis and improve every level of your game—all at one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

  • Learn to Play; Coaching & Warm-Up
  • Video Swing Analysis; Robotic Swing Trainer
  • Advanced 3D Motion Measurement (AMM)
  • Putting Analysis; Golf Simulator Program

Take Your Golf Game to the Next Level

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